New development within the Shire of Katanning, including charges of use and Advertising Signs, will usually require Council’s Planning Permission (Development Approval). Generally this will need to occur prior to obtaining a Building Permit. All approvals should be obtained before development/use occurs, otherwise financial penalties apply.

Depending on the zoning of the land and the type and extent of use, the proposal may have to be advertised, and may need to be decided at a Council meeting.  Refer Table 4 and Clause 18 of Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) for Permitted (P) and Discretionary (D) and Subject to Advertising (A) uses. The development requirements are set out in Table 3, Part 4 and Table 8 of LPS5.

New Houses and standard Sheds that comply with the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes), Planning Scheme Requirements and Council’s Outbuilding Policy might be exempt from needing Development Approval under the LPS Planning Regulations.  Several criteria need to be met, including: land is to be R-Coded, Residential lot size below 1,100sqm, not identified as Bush Fire Prone of DFES maps (refer Parts 7, 8 and 10A, Schedule 2).

The Development Services staff can assist in determining whether Development Approval is required and can provide information on other approvals, licences and requirements (i.e. Building Permit, Heritage listings, Food Premises, and/or septic tanks). Should you wish to make a preliminary enquiry or arrange a meeting, please ensure you have the correct address and/or Lot number and provide relevant information, together with your contact details. You can use our online Enquiry Form.

Development Approval

Please check the DA Exemption Schedule before continuing with an Application for Development Approval.

When applying for Development Approval, the following information is required;

Completed Application for Development Approval Form

Please Note: The Form must be signed by the landowner/s 

A plan or plans, to scale and not larger than A3. Typically this will comprise a site plan and a Floor Plan showing;

  • Street names, lot number(s), north point and the dimensions of the site;
  • The location and the use of proposed buildings, including setbacks to boundaries and between buildings;
  • The location and proposed use of any existing buildings to be retained;
  • Finished floor levels of development
  • Elevations shown relative to existing natural ground level and proposed ground level (if altering)
  • Any physical features including trees, which may be affected by the proposed development;
  • The location, number dimensions and layout of any existing and proposed car parking spaces;
  • The existing and proposed driveways and crossovers (and pedestrian access, if relevant);
  • The nature and extent of existing (if any) and proposed landscaping areas;
  • The location and dimensions of any areas proposed for loading/unloading commercial vehicles;
  • The location and dimensions of any open storage or trade display area and particulars of the manner in which development is proposed for the site
  • Location of existing and proposed on-site effluent disposal system (if unsewered)

Payment of the Application Fee – Generally $147, however check Council’s Fees & Charges Schedule.

Cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card payments will be accepted.

For some proposals, it may be appropriate to provide an accompanying letter explaining the proposal/nature of the application. Development Application Checklist.


Home Businesses

Additional details are to be provided for proposed Home Occupations and Businesses (refer to the Shire’s Home Occupation Info Pack and complete the Supplementary Information Sheet on the last page)


Advertising Signage

There are various rules and requirements for Advertising Signs depending on the type of sign, zoning, land use, Heritage Listing, any existing signs and land tenure (private property or Crown Land/Reserve).  Refer Clauses 62(3) and 86(2) of the LPS Planning Regulations and complete the Additional Information Form.  Other Local Government procedures, requirements, Forms and Fees apply for roadside signage and paid advertising in or on Council property.            

Once the application is lodged, the Development Services team will assess the proposal having regard to the provisions of LPS5, any relevant Shire and Local Planning Policies.  If additional information is required applicants will be advised accordingly.  Where necessary, the Shire will arrange advertising of the proposal, typically the Notice period is two - three weeks.  If the proposal is complex, potentially controversial or falls outside the Shire’s Policy or Planning guidelines and needs to be considered at a Council meeting, Officers will prepare a report/agenda item; the meetings are held monthly, open to the public and you are welcome to attend. Such process may take six to eight weeks.

 For more information in relation to planning application requirements, please contact the Shire of Katanning on 9821 9999 or email 


Local Planning Policy Documents

Local Planning Policy No 1 - Outbuildings

Local Planning Policy No 2 - Transported Dwellings

Local Planning Policy No 3 - Radio Mast and Satellite Dishes

Local Planning Policy No 4 - Relaxation of Car Parking Requirements for Heritage Buildings

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