Register of Gifts

The Shire maintains the following Register of Gifts in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995 and associated Regulations.  This register is also available for inspection at the Shire’s Administration building.

The Gifts Register contains those disclosures of gifts that have been made by Councillors and the Chief Executive Officer in their official capacity, which are valued over $300 or are two or more gifts with the cumulative value over $300 (where the gifts are received from the same donor in a 12-month period).

To protect the privacy of individuals, the registers published on the website do not include the address disclosed by an individual donor and will instead include the town or suburb mentioned in the address.

The Chief Executive Officer is required to keep a record of the disclosures by way of a register, which is to be published on the Shire’s website, as well as made available for public inspection at the Shire’s Administration building.

Register of Gifts and Travel Contributions 2020 onwards

Register of Gifts and Travel Contributions 2015-2019

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