Customer Service Charter


The Shire of Katanning is committed to responsibly managing the Shire on behalf of the community. We make every effort to maintain the highest standards of service to ensure we meet the needs of our customers in a professional and ethical manner with courteous and efficient service.

When you contact us you can expect to be treated honestly and fairly. We welcome feedback on our customer service performance and invite you to provide input through submission on the attached feedback form, completing surveys and through formal correspondence.


We are committed to:

  • Responding to your enquiries promptly
  • Dealing with complaints fairly and professionally
  • Keeping you informed in a timely manner
  • Being an open and accessible Shire
  • Providing fair and unbiased treatment
  • Ensuring information, resources and services are accessible

 You can help us meet our commitments by:

  • Treating our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Being open and honest in your dealings with us
  • Letting us now when things change such as your address or contact detail
  • Respecting the rights of other customers
  • Providing feedback about our services
  • Making an appointment if you wish to speak with a specific officer
  • Referring enquiries through the correct channels


Making a complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, about the standard of service, action or decision by the Council or its staff, affecting an individual or group. You can lodge a complaint via our website, in writing, by telephone or in person at the Administration Office.

How will your complaint be investigated?

1. When we receive your complaint, it will be recorded, and you will receive acknowledgement from us that your complaint has been received.

2. When we receive your complaint we will direct your concern to the most appropriate person within the Shire of Katanning who will be responsible for keeping you up to date on the progress of your complaint. Throughout the process, we may need to contact you to discuss your concerns or to seek more information.

3. Providing us with current contact details (such as a telephone number or email address) will ensure we can response in a timely manner.

4. After investigation, we will respond outlining the outcome.

5. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint within ten working days, if we require further information or time, we will keep you informed of our progress.

Customer Service Charter


We are committed to communicating with you in a timely and responsive manner in order to address your issues, enquiries and concerns.



When you make an enquiry at the front counter, we aim to resolve it as soon as possible. If your query requires technical advice or attention we will refer you to the appropriate staff member. If the staff member is not available, contact will be made with you within two working days.


We will answer calls promptly and resolve your enquiry immediately if possible, however if your query requires technical advice or attention we will refer you to the relevant staff member. If no-one is available we will respond to your call within two working days.


If required, your request will be acknowledged as soon as practicable. We endeavour to provide a detailed response within ten working days.


We will provide up to date information including forms, application forms, information sheets and meeting Agendas and Minutes on our website. After hours emergency numbers are available here.

Please note comments on facebook, instagram or twitter are not monitored and will not be responded to.



Councillors are elected members of the community, their role is to represent the community, provide leadership and guidance, facilitate communication between community and Council staff, make decisions on matters before Council, determine Council Policy, govern finances and provide forward planning and elevation of progress. Councillors are keen to hear the views of local residents on issues which are of concern. You can contact your local Councillor by email or telephone.