Using Roads

As Katanning is a large rural and farming community, motorists in the Great Southern should be aware of increased heavy freight traffic and towed farm equipment on local roads.

Drivers should be alert on local roads. Expect more heavy traffic on roads that may normally have little traffic during peak farming seasons.

Trucks, utes and farm machinery are likely to be on the roads, crossing roads and exiting in unusual places. Many of these will be oversize vehicles, and they will need some or even all of the other side of the road. It is important to give them room to pass safely.

The Shire of Katanning Roadwise Committee advises all motorists to use their headlights in the day-time as we head into autumn and winter, so that other road users can see them in poor light.

Farmers are encouraged to check the updated Guide to the Movement of Towed Agricultural Implements in Western Australia or ring the Department of Transport on 13 11 56 for guidance on their responsibilities.

It is also important to consider the risk of fatigue, and take extra care when driving home after working long hours in the paddock.

We have a shared responsibility for safety on our roads, so all drivers need to be careful and vigilant in this busy season. 

For more information about road and traffic info, heavy vehicles and touring WA, please visit the Main Roads website.