Structure Plans

Draft Illareen Structure Plan 

The draft Structure Plan for Lots 51 and 2979 Illareen Road and Lots 50 and 51 Kojonup-Katanning Road, Katanning (ref: SPN/2199), provides the framework and guidelines for future subdivision and development of the western portion of Rural Residential Area 3, between Prosser Road and Illareen Road.

The previous version of the Structure plan was considered by the Council in October 2018. As a result of agency advice, submissions and discrepancies within the document, the Council requested further information together with sixteen modifications, prior to re-advertising.  The modified document was submitted on 4 July 2019. It was accepted and approved for advertising by the Council on 30 July. Submissions will be considered by Council in due course, then the matter will be determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

The main changes in the current draft of SPN/2199 include:

  • Revised road alignments and intersections
  • Wider road reserves adjacent to the creek to accommodate multi-use trail
  • Short cul-de-sac on southern boundary to provide access to three larger lots.
  • Extended creek line protection areas
  • Updated provisions and text to clarify issues relating to water mains connection, on-site effluent disposal requirements and implementation of fire safety measures.
  • Minimum front setbacks for lots fronting Illareen Road increased from 15m to 5m.

The entire document, including the four Technical Appendices can be viewed using the links below.

Local Structure Plan Report - Modification

Local Structure Plan Report - Appendix A Bushfire Management Plan

Local Structure Plan Report - Appendix B Environmental Assessment and Management Strategy

Local Structure Plan Report - Appendix C Local Water Management Strategy

Local Structure Plan Report - Appendix D Engineering Servicing Report

Henry Street Industrial Precinct Structure Plan

The Henry Street Industrial Precinct Structure Plan has been given final approval by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC). 

The Structure Plan provides a framework and guidance on the future subdivision and development of this industrial area. The focus is on land uses to complement the nearby WAMMCO operation and provide a suitable level of industry adjacent to the residential area.

Preparation of the Structure Plan meets statutory obligations and fulfils recommendations and objectives set out in the Shire of Katanning Local Planning Strategy and the SuperTowns Growth and Implementation Plan.

Figure 1.1 of the Henry Street Structure Plan is shown here. The entire document can be downloaded here.

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The first draft of the Structure Plan was prepared in 2015, based on the Literature Review, Stakeholder Consultation, Opportunities and Constraints Plan and the findings of the supporting Technical Documents (2014).  It was updated in 2016 to accord with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 and the associated Structure Plan Framework.

The Henry Street Precinct Structure Plan – 969-04 Version F was endorsed for advertising by the Council at its meeting held 24 May 2016.

A public information workshop was held on 21 June 2016 and following advertising, the  submissions were considered by the Council at its meeting held 25 Oct 2016.  The Council resolved to adopt the Henry Street precinct Structure Plan, subject to five modifications (Resolution OC123/16 item 10.1.2 refers).

Updates to the Local Water Management Strategy were completed in August 2017 and subsequently endorsed by the Department of Water, then forwarded to the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH).

On 22 March DPLH advised the WAPC required twelve modifications to the Henry Street Structure Plan.  The changes were generally as requested/recommended by the Council and in response to agency comments. The modifications were completed and the documents were submitted to DPLH in July 2018.  WAPC conformance advice was received on 2 August and the Structure Plan received final Approval from WAPC on 6 August 2018.  The Council received and noted the final Henry Street Precinct Structure Plan – version G SPN/2030 at its meeting held 28 August 2018 (Refer Item 10.1.2).