Mosquito Control

The control of mosquitoes within the Katanning townsite is a continuing process in the warmer months. Although main waterways are regularly checked and dosed with an environmentally safe larvicide, it is not possible for the Shire to eliminate all mosquitoes from all breeding habitats.  It is therefore important for everyone to take personal measures to prevent the breeding of nuisance mosquitoes and to reduce the risk of contracting disease.

It is easy to eliminate breeding areas on your own property. Anything that holds water will become a breeding area.  Old tyres, pot plant drip trays, rainwater tanks, birdbaths, ornamental ponds and guttering should be regularly checked and cleared if not free draining. 

Learn more about Mosquito Management from the Department of Health HERE.

For more queries on how to control mosquitoes in your own back yard please contact the Shire Environmental Health Officer at or call 9821 9999.

Fight the Bite

Protect yourself against disease carrying mosquitoes. Go to the Fight the Bite website for more information.