Complaints Register

The Local Government Act 1995 requires a Register of Complaint be maintained.

Section 5.121(1)

The complaints officer for each local government is required to maintain a register of complaints which records all complaints that result in finding under section 5.110(6)(b) that a minor breach has occurred.

Section 5.121(2)

The register of complaints is to include, for each recorded complaint:

  1. the name of the council member about whom the complaint is made
  2. the name of the person who makes the complaint
  3. a description of the minor breach that the standards panel finds has occurred, and
  4. details of the action taken under section 5.110(6).
Section 5.121(3)

The CEO must publish an up-to-date version of the register of complaints on the local government's official website.

To register a complaint, please download the complaints form here.

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