Notice of Public Advertisement of Planning Proposal

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 at 10:37:52 PM

Planning and Development Act 2005
Shire of Katanning

The local government has received an application to use and/or develop land for the following purpose and public comments are invited.

Property Address: Lot 8154 (987) on Warren Road, Coblinine.

Proposal: Construction and use of a proposed new 16.6m2 steel framed, Colorbond clad tiny house on wheels on the abovementioned property for use as a holiday house.

Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the Shire Administration Centre, 52 Austral Terrace, Katanning and the ‘Public Notices’ section of Shire’s website up to and including Monday 16 October 2023.

Comments on the proposal are now invited and can be emailed to  or posted to the Shire’s Chief Executive Officer at PO Box 130 KATANNING WA 6317. All submissions must include the following information:

• Your name, address and contact telephone number;
• How your interests are affected; whether as a private citizen, on behalf of a company or other organisation, or as an owner or occupier of property;
• Address of property affected (if applicable); and
• Whether your submission is in support of, or objecting to the proposal and provide any arguments supporting your comments.

All submissions received may be made public at a Council meeting and included in a Council Agenda, which will be available on the Shire’s website, unless a submission specifically requests otherwise.

Dale Putland
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Katanning

18 September 2023

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DA for Public Comment - Lot 8154 Warren Rd Coblinine

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