Review of Towed Agricultural Implements Regulations

Published on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 at 8:34:55 AM

Agricultural implements are machines without independent means of propulsion that are built to perform agricultural tasks. While not designed for road use, they may require limited road access when being towed to an operating site.
The legislative requirements for the on-road use of towed agricultural implements are found in the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 (‘the Regulations’), in particular Part 13. These provisions generally mirror the contents of the now repealed Road Traffic (Towed Agricultural Implements) Regulations 1995.

In response to matters raised by the agricultural sector, the Minister for Transport has directed the Department of Transport (DoT) to carry out a review of the legislation governing towed agricultural implements. This will provide recommendations to Government regarding how legislation can be modernised to meet the needs of the WA agricultural industry, support road safety and provide fair road network access.

The regulations concern towing combinations and are in addition to other legal requirements. In particular, vehicles that exceed statutory mass and dimension limits will require authorisation before they can be used on the road. Authorisation could include a notice or permit from the Commissioner Main Roads or the Commissioner of Police, or where there are no defined mass and dimension limits for that type of vehicle, an exemption from the CEO Transport.

You can complete this consultation by returning this questionnaire to

The purpose of the questionnaire is to show the existing legislative provisions and seek your suggestions about how these could be amended or improved to better reflect current industry practices and/or agricultural machine standards.

Where you make a suggestion, it will help to provide details of examples of where this works in comparable jurisdictions, in particular in Australian States and Territories. Where suggestions would impact on the road safety and/or convenience of other road users, please consider how these impacts could be managed.

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