Flooded Roads Update

Published on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 at 4:45:18 PM

A large number of roads are currently flooded across the Shire of Katanning including neighbouring Shires. Please take note of any traffic hazard signs in place.

Do not drive 🚗 into water of unknown depth and current.

Be alert and watch for hazards on roads such as fallen powerlines and loose debris.

The condition of the road is unknown when impacted by floodwaters.

The Shire are monitoring the situation. Please be aware of the following:

  • Ranford Road between Butterworth Road and Stott Road is still closed.

Water over the following roads:

  • Warren Road approximately 23km out of Katanning
  • Coyrecup South Road
  • Lake Coyrecup Road
  • Murdong Road
  • Bibiking South Road
  • Belmont Road

Wash away and broken culverts on the following roads:

  • Murdong Road
  • Bushy Lane Road
  • Green Road

The Shire Works Crew are doing their best to get to all of the roads. To report a hazard, please call the Shire of Katanning on 9821 9999.

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