Inspections & Administration

The Shire of Katanning Environmental Health Officer conducts regular assessments of public buildings, stables, hairdressers, public swimming pools, private swimming pool fences, dilapidated houses and other “nuisance conditions” that may affect the health of residents. 

If you are aware of a problem in Katanning that could adversely affect public health please Contact Us so an assessment can be carried out.

Public Buildings

Public buildings include churches, halls, clubrooms and other places of assembly. There are over 40 permanent public buildings within the Shire, each of which is assessed on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992. The main purpose of inspection is to ensure that the building is being maintained to a standard that enables safe use of the building for the occupants. The condition of safety installations such as exit signs and fire fighting facilities are also monitored.

One-off events such as outdoor concerts, shows, fetes, gala days and circuses are also covered by these regulations and must be assessed for compliance with these regulations. To apply for a permit for a public event please complete the required form below and submit it to the the Shire Administration or email

Food Premises Assessments

Regular assessments are conducted of all the food premises within Katanning to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2008 and Food Safety Standards. The inspections are risk based and address matters such as cleanliness, food handling skills, food safety and maintenance of premises and equipment.

Pool Inspections

Local Governments, including the Shire of Katanning, are required to conduct inspections of private swimming pool fences and gates every four years to ensure compliance with legislation. Isolation fencing and gates are considered one of the most important tools to assist to prevent accidental drowning of young children. Pool owners will be contacted to arrange an appointment for a convenient date and time for the inspection.   

Please read the Rules for Pools and Spas by Commerce WA to see how you comply.

Application Forms