Online Form - Sponsor a Flag Application

The flag poles in the Katanning Lions Park proudly display some of the diverse nationalities living in town. Please complete this form to sponsor a flag.

  • The cost to sponsor a flag is $100.00 per flag, once this form has been completed, you will be contacted to confirm your details and sent an invoice.
  • The sponsorship period is for the ‘life of the flag’ which is usually 3 - 6 months.
  • Once a flag has been sponsored, ownership of the flag belongs to the Shire of Katanning.
  • At the end of the sponsorship period, you will be offered the opportunity to re-sponsor the flag.
  • The flag sponsorship is to represent “living cultures in Katanning”, which is defined as:
    languages, food, dress, traditions, music and dance that are alive and shared in Katanning.
  • The criteria for a nationality/culture to be included as part of the Fly Your Flag project includes:
    • Should be a resident or have recently been resident in Katanning (i.e. not backpackers/visitors etc.)
    • Have practiced at home, shared and/or celebrated their culture while in Katanning
Would you like to be acknowledged as a sponsor on the Fly Your Flag project website?
By completing this form, do you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the sponsorship process and responsibilities.*