Bushfire Services

In an Emergency call Triple 000.

The Fire Requirement Notice link is below for your convenience.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility as a property owner to meet the requirements under the notice by the due dates and if for any reason you are unable to meet these obligations please contact the Shire.

Fire Management Requirement Notice 2019-2020

Fire Management Requirements 2020 - 2021

If you require clarification please contact your local Fire Control Officer or the Community Emergency Services Manager Cindy Pearce on 9821 9999.

Bush Fire Ready


Department of Fire & Emergency Services have updated their website to include new bushfire planning and preparation tools, consisting of 5 minute Fire Chat, and Your Bushfire Preparation Toolkit, which are two simple steps aimed at helping residents to be better prepared for bushfire.

The 5 minute Fire Chat asks people living in a high bushfire risk area to have a fire chat to discuss three key questions with family and friends or to discuss with their neighbours if they live alone:

• When will you know to leave?
• Where will you go?
• Which way will you go?

If this is all people do, they will be more prepared than doing nothing. This approach is easy for all people to achieve.

After the questions are answered above, the website will direct you to take the next step, which is to seek out their Bushfire Preparation Toolkit. The Toolkit can be downloaded at

For further information please contact communitypreparedness@dfes.wa.gov.au or 9395 9816.

Local Fire Control Officers

Local Fire Control Officers are listed on the last page in the Fire Management Requirements.

Katanning Volunteer Bushfire Brigades

Australia is a country that relies heavily on volunteers for much of its community service. Local men and women who come together to provide a better and safer community for all who live there.

Being one of the driest places on the planet, Australia is prone to regular bushfires and the damage they cause. Many more lives, homes and businesses would have been lost if it wasn’t for the community members who volunteer for both town and bushfire brigades.

Katanning is no different.

Today, the town is well served by both a Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade, supported by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, as well as four strategically placed Volunteer Bushfire Brigades throughout the Shire which covers over 1500 km2.




Chris Brooks

0409 873 797

1st Lieutenant

Steve Brooks

0408 760 486


Harvest Ban Hotline



(08) 9821 9990

Community Emergency Services Manager

Cindy Pearce

0417 071 567

Shire Ranger

 Kel Vann

0409 891 645

Chief Bushfire Control Officer

Matthew Kerin

0429 736 593

Deputy Chief Bushfire Control Officer

Norm Flugge

0427 984 446


Geoff Stade

0428 211 551 

Chief Fire Weather Officer

Richard Marshall

0429 904 130

Deputy Fire Weather Officer

Barry Kowald

0407 384 097


Tim Harris

0428 580 678

Bushfire Brigades



Steve Conning

0428 141 565


Matthew Kitchen

0427 976 960


Ian Coleman

0429 955 778


Alan Wilson

0427 772 142


Chris Quartermaine

0427 214 553


Barry Kowald

0407 384 097

Ben Kowald

0424 528 520



Kim Kowald

0438 337 708


Alistair Dusting

0417 185 147



Tim Harris

0428 580 678


Peter Caldwell

0428 235 006


Norman Flugge

0427 984 446


Tim Clegg

0427 771 938


Richard Marshall

0429 904 130



Greg Garlick

0428 211 851


Ian Knapp

0427 904 130


Mark Sullivan

0427 227 094


Matthew Kerin

0429 736 593


Jeff Baxter

0428 528 840

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