Town Planning Schemes

Local Governments are responsible for planning their local communities by ensuring appropriate planning controls exist for land use and development. This is done by preparing local planning schemes and strategies.

The 2012 Katanning SuperTown Growth and Implementation Plan and the 2013 Planning Strategy provide the framework and strategic direction for the Shire.

Town Planning Scheme No.4 (TPS4) is the current operative Scheme; it is the main planning instrument for the Shire of Katanning and affects all properties. It sets out the way land is to be used and developed and zones areas for different land uses. The scheme maps and texts linked to the Department of Planning (DoP) website are DoP working copies and used as an information management tool. Whilst all care has been taken to accurately portray the current Scheme provisions, no responsibility shall be taken for any omissions, or errors in this representation. Contact the DoP or the Shire of Katanning to view the Minister's approved version of the Scheme maps and/or texts, along with any subsequent amendments.

The Deemed Provisions within the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 automatically apply to all local planning schemes and supplant elements of TPS4. The current Scheme should be read in conjunction with the regulations.

A copy of the regulations is available for download


In line with the SuperTown Growth and Implementation Plan, the Shire has prepared Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5). The new Scheme will replace the existing Town Planning Scheme No. 4 (TPS4).

As well as standard updates, there are proposed alterations to some Residential Density Codings, new Commercial and Industrial zones and revised land-use categories. 

Formal advertising closed on 19 August; there were 13 submissions.  Draft LPS5 was considered by the Council at its September meeting.   Council received and noted the submissions and endorsed the new Scheme, subject to modifications [Refer Item 10.1.2, Resolution OC/16].  The documents have been forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission for determinations and the final approval of the Minister for Planning.

TPS4 will continue to apply until LPS5 is finalised and Gazetted [probably early in 2017].  In the interim, Council is to have ‘due regard’ to draft LPS5.  Development Applications received during this transitional period might therefore assessed against both TPS4 and LPS5.  Proponents are encouraged to liaise with the Development Services team in this regard. 

LPS5 2016 Key Differences