Strategic Community Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Talk to me…Katanning’?

Talk to me…Katanning, is the community engagement campaign that will be used to develop the Shire of Katanning Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032.

It is an opportunity to get involved and share your ideas – big or small, on your vision and aspirations for the Shire.

Why does the Shire need a Strategic Community Plan?

All local governments in Western Australia are required to prepare a Strategic Community Plan under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996.

The Strategic Community Plan forms part of the local government integrated planning and reporting process which includes:

  • Strategic Community Plan
  • Corporate Business Plan
  • Vision for the local government

Why is the Shire reviewing the Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 if it is still current?

A Strategic Community Plan covers a period of 10 financial years however is required to be reviewed at least once every four years. Minor reviews are undertaken every two years.

What does a Strategic Community Plan do?

The Strategic Community Plan sets the vision and aspirations for a community to guide the planning for the area. It sets goals and objectives for the local government to achieve in order to service and support its community. This is then used to guide decision making such as where capital funding may be directed and projects to pursue and support.

Your previous input to the last Strategic Community Plan has led to more than 70 different outcomes including the Welcome Precinct and All Ages Playground, Lake Ewlyamartup upgrades, work at the Waste Transfer station, artwork, Eco Lane, grants programs, youth and senior programs, services and events that support our diverse community and support for the Premier Mill development.

How is the Strategic Community Plan being developed?

The Strategic Community Plan will be developed over the next six months. During September and October, we will be working with the community to gather your thoughts and ideas about the future. In November we will be seeking your feedback to confirm and prioritise your ideas.

Between December and February, we will be developing the draft Strategic Community Plan. You will have an opportunity to comment on the draft before it is finalised in early 2022.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can get involved:

  • Register your email for project updates here
  • Complete the survey (Sept-Oct 2021) 
  • Talk to us at the Katanning Farmers Markets on Saturday 16 October 2021
  • Talk to us at the Katanning Agricultural Show at the Shire stall in the Ram Pavilion
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on website, social media or directly with the project team.
  • Attend the ‘Festival of Ideas’ on 13 November 2021 at the Katanning All Ages Playground.

Why should I get involved?

Our community members and stakeholders have a wealth of knowledge and are important contributors to the unique experience and energy of Katanning. It is important that there are opportunities for all of our diverse, and evolving Katanning community to be involved in shaping the future.

By getting involved, you’ll help improve the quality of the Strategic Community Plan and provide greater understanding and transparency around how Council will respond to the opportunities and challenges of the future. Council wants to work with you to continue to deliver efficient services and infrastructure into the future and ensure sustainable solutions for your rates.

How will my ideas be incorporated into the Strategic Community Plan?

During September and October, you will have the chance to share your ideas with the project team. All your ideas will be collated and then as a community, you will have the chance to prioritise these to tell us what is most important to you.

These ideas and priorities will be used to develop the draft Strategic Community Plan.

What sort of ideas can be considered in the Strategic Community Plan?

We want to hear all your ideas – big or small.  

The Strategic Community Plan includes actions that the Shire have the ability to address as part of its role and responsibility.

What matters can be dealt with by the local government/Council?

‘Your local council provides a range of services to you every day, such as roads and footpaths, rubbish collection services, libraries, parks and playgrounds, community services and events, infrastructure and recreation facilities.’ (DLGSC, 2021)

Matters which are managed by State Government such as education and health, cannot be managed or solved by the Shire. However, we can listen, share and advocate to improve the welfare of our community and seek to work with you to address any opportunities, concerns or issues.

What ideas and projects from the existing Strategic Community Plan have the Shire completed?

The Shire has been busy! Here are a few of the projects, plans and programs we have completed.

  • Youth and senior’s programs
  • Hosting art exhibitions
  • Safety and emergency action plans
  • Services, support and events for our diverse community including interpretation services, NAIDOC celebrations, Harmony Festival
  • Landscaping and upgrades to town centre, Clive Street and Austral Terrace
  • All Ages Playground redevelopment
  • Lake Ewlyamartup upgrades
  • Piesse Park rejuvenation
  • Partnerships with environmental conservation groups
  • Completion of the buildings of the Waste Transfer station Support for Katanning
  • Small business workshops
  • Funding towards events such as Katanning Agricultural Show