Town Clock Restoration

In 2018 the Shire of Katanning restored of the Town Memorial Clock to its original condition. The clock is one of only two that are operational in the public realm; the second one is in WA Parliament House.'image description'

Restoration works included:
• Rebuilding of the clock mechanisms cabinet
• Cleaning and repair of the clock mechanism in the base of the clock tower
• Cleaning and repair of the mechanism that drives the clock hands
 Clock faces and hands removed, repainted and reinstalled
• Electrical components refurbished where required
• Lights on the clock faces replaced


During the Commonwealth Jubilee celebrations in 1951, the community ofKatanning decided to erect a memorial to 'honour their pioneer women especially those bush nurses whose unselfish devotion to their fellows should never be forgotten'. The construction of the clock began in 1955 and was unveiled 16 March 1956 by Sister Elizabeth Grover. Elizabeth Grover was at the time of unveiling, the oldest surviving daughter of William Grover, who was one of the first settlers in the shire and second policeman to be stationed at Police Pools.

For further information contact us or visit the State Heritage Office website.