Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

To progress through the celebration of diversity and achievement while providing quality governance and services that contributes to long term sustainability.

Our Vision

Taking into account the economic, social, cultural and environmental areas that the community sees as important to contributing to the quality of life in Katanning, the Council’s vision is for the Shire of Katanning to be a place:

  • With an attractive urban centre and a rural heart that has grown and prospered through economic development initiatives;
  • Where people feel a sense of belonging and community spirit;
  • Where natural and built facilities are accessible to everyone;
  • Where the consequences of our actions for future generations have been taken into account;
  • Where all voices are heard through participation in decisions that affect the community.

Our Values

In achieving team vision and accomplishing our mission, we will abide by the following principles:


Respect and support for the diversity of our ideas and culture.


Energising and visionary leadership with continuous improvement to services.


Focus on teamwork and the creation of partnership to achieve our vision.


Incorporate local knowledge and viewpoints through community engagement.


Open and honest dealings with high ethical standards at all times.


Effective, equitable, open and honest governance.