Fire & Road Alerts


Lake Coyrecup Road (in the vicinity of the Lake Coyrecup Road and South Coyrecup Road intersection) is now OPEN for general traffic and school buses with caution.
South Coyrecup Road between Hotner Road and Lake Coyrecup Road remains CLOSED due to water still being over the road.

tuesday 21 february 2017

Water has receded sufficiently for the Shire to access and apply traffic management measures to identify defects and to reopen the floodway and Warren Road to all traffic with caution. Water still remains over the road and in the event of further rain conditions at floodways can change.

The water over the road on Lake Coyrecup Road in the vicinity of the Lake Coyrecup Road and South Coyrecup Road intersection is also receding however for the moment this section remains CLOSED.

Katanning Nyabing Road - Wallis Road to Hood Road – KATANNING OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC.

monday 20 february 2017

Most gravel roads are open to school buses ONLY.
Roads still closed to the school bus network are:
• Warren Rd from Marshall farm through to Kent Shire boundary
• Lake Coyrecup Rd to the Kent Shire boundary
• Green Rd
• Kiddie Rd
Water flowed over the Warren Road floodway all weekend with still a substantial flow going over at dusk yesterday evening when it was last inspected. Water is still crossing the road in the vicinity of the Lake Coyrecup Road North Coyrecup Road intersection.
The water is receding at all these areas however it is evident from the interrupted appearance of the water crossing at these location that the roads have received damage.
As a result of this we plan to keep the locations at their current (Warren Road open to 4WD and trucks only status and Lake Coyrecup and North Coyrecup road closed to all traffic on sections as indicated below) until this damage can be assessed. This is dependent on the flood waters receding but hopefully it will take place in the next 24 to 48 hours.
The opening up works continued on the weekend with 2 graders working both Saturday and Sunday. Basically the network is now passable other than the the following deliberately closed locations.
Closed locations are:
Warren Road (At the Coblinne flood way)
Awaiting for water to recede so floodway damage can be assessed then anticipate opening.
North Coyrecup Road (From Tabenup Road to Green Road)
Awaiting for water to recede so floodway damage can be assessed then anticipate opening.
Lake Coyrecup Road (From Hotker Road to Scotchman Road)
Awaiting for water to recede so floodway damage can be assessed then anticipate opening.
Ranford Road (From Butterworth Road to Stott road)
Closed due to extensive damage. Contact resources (Riverhill) mobilising to site today and arranged to commence repairs tomorrow.
Newton Road (From Warren Road to Gibney Road)
Closed as assessed as still impassable.
Bibiking Road South (From Robinson Road to River Road)
Assessed as impassable with extensive damage.
River Road (From Bibiking Road South to Coomelberrup Road)
Assessed as impassable with extensive damage.
Belmont Road is now open and passable with caution.
A comprehensive pick up of flood damage has been completed on all accessible areas of the network.


Shire of Katanning Flood Recovery Information 

A large number of roads in the area have been impacted from the flooding. This information is updated on the Main Roads website, Shire Facebook and webpage as information becomes available. If the information you are looking for is not there please contact the Shire direct.

The Incident Support Group (ISG) met yesterday and discussed issues such as road restrictions and access to the east. The Committee consists of the following agencies ; Shire of Katanning, DFES, WAPolice, Dept of Agriculture and Food, Dept of Eduction, Dept of Health, Water Corporation, Mainroads, St John Ambulance, School Bus Contactor, Dept of Child Protection and Family Services, Shire of Woodanilling.

The following dot points have been addressed
• Road Damage and access to area and properties for emergency services if required, including distribution of medical supplies and essential items to people that are on properties that are stranded. ( 2 calls have been received that we have responded too)
• Delivery of emergency stock feed by truck into the area to address animal welfare issues and the guidelines surrounding that if required. ( unsealed roads closed to 4.5 ton and above in the affect area) (1 request has been received)
• Meeting held with Local Australia Post today to discuss how we can look at getting mail out to the affected area and who cannot access town to pick up mail.
• Contact has been made with Fuel Companies and Freight Services so they can report any major issues in relation to farm shortages of fuel or freight issues that may need addressing.
• Stock losses and concerns please contact the Dept of Agriculture and Food. Information is available on the Department Website or contact local Dept of Agriculture and Food Office.

Cindy Pearce
Community Emergency Services Manager and
Recovery Coordinator for the Shire of Katanning


Information for properties that are isolated due to flooding or road closures to the east - Australia Post is endeavoring to make deliveries if safe to do so in the area. mail services may be disrupted. If you are unable to pick mail up from the post office please contact the Katanning Post Office on 9821 1871. All gravel roads east of the Katanning-Dumbleyung Road (from the Shire boundary to Katanning) and east of the Great Southern Highway (south of Katanning) - remain closed to all vehicles over 4.5 tonnes. The Katanning - Dumbleyung Road is open to all traffic.
All Roads West of the above line have been assessed as passable and can be reopened to traffic.
Some roads in this area are damaged and impassable or still flooded.
Warren Road and the Katanning - Nyabing Road remain closed to all vehicles.
Motorists are to proceed with caution as localised flooding may still occur and there is an increased risk of trees falling and blocking roads. Please avoid unnecessary travel in the area - drive to the conditions and do not cross flooded roads
Shire Activities:
- We have now managed to get personnel out to the other side of the lake system floodwaters so we expect to have better information in by the end of the day from that area.
- We have commenced recreation area and facilities impact assessment.
- We have started minor repairs on the Western side of the rural road network.
- We plan to conduct some repairs and work to improve access at the tip with the aim of trying to have fully reopened today.
- The airport has been and remains in service.
Please note we update information as it is received. If we have not reported a new update then the last update is still in place.

If you have property damage or loss can you contact the Shire on 9821 9999.

If you have livestock losses please contact the Local Department of Agriculture.

Emergency contact numbers:

Shire of Katanning - 9821 9999

Main Roads WA - 138 138

Western Power - 13 13 51

State Emergency Service - 132 500

Police/Fire/Ambulance Emergency - 000

Please visit Fire & Emergency Alerts for updates on fire bans.

Please visit Main Roads Alerts for updates on roadworks, incidents & events.